Clear Flow

I was one of those who could never savor the fragrance of the first blossoms in spring. Since a very young age, I remember shying away from venturing outdoors when the pollen season was at its peak. Only those who suffer from hay fever know how dreadful it could get. Watery eyes, runny nose, and bouts of sneezing and coughing that threaten to knock pictures off the wall. I had no choice but to take anti-histamines, which actually made things worse. The bouts would cease, but I would get so drowsy that I would loose all my functionality and feel like a vegetable all day. And that went on for more than 20 years every spring, until I discovered the amazing effects of Yoga, pranayama in particular.

I started waking up at dawn to practice three part yogic breathing, shining skull breathing and alternate nostril breathing. The result was astounding. After a week my nose stopped running, my throat was no longer itching. The cough subsided and my eyes were no longer puffy. I could breathe full fledge and enjoy the scent of spring.

In my yoga practice I did tons of backbends and inversions to stabilize the immune system. The emphasis was on opening the throat and chest – anything that kept my head above my heart. All backbends and healing inversions stimulate the thymus gland and boost the production of leucocytes and immunoglobulines –the anti-allergy warriors of the body.

The purifying shining skull breathing was essential as it helped me increase my lung capacity, flushing toxins and stale air. The tension relieving effect of alternate nostril breathing helped me reduce stress, which in turn bolstered my natural shield. My respiratory passages were cleared and the body could fend off allergens at ease.

Once the extended breathing felt seamless, I incorporated mudra at specific trigger points on the face, which decongested the nasal passages in no time. The mudras or energy seals stimulate the meridians in the body and help channel conscious energy into specific chakra or reflex zones. Once the etheric body is catalyzed, the immunity strengthens and you can feel a vital surge sweeping through all the organs and activating all the glands. The crossing of the meridians also balances both brain hemispheres and regulates the PH balance – reducing the acidity and alkalizing the body throughout.

I also found the stress management effect of pranayama invaluable in my battle with allergies. Placing a stronger emphasis on exhaling calmed me down and I was mentally and emotionally stable to deal with the allergy symptoms if they resurfaced. Once I solidified the breathing practice, I tossed in some immunity boosting asana. The integral practice was so much needed and after a month of intense pranayama I kissed hay fever good buy.

Trust me, all it takes is daily commitment not only through allergy season, but always. Your nose will clear out, and you your path too will clear.


Yogea Allergy Relieving Breathing: Clear Flow

This unique blend of immune boosting and allergy relieving pranayama, healing mudra and acupressure massage will clear any nasal decongestion due to hay fever or seasonal allergies. The three-part abdominal, diaphragmatic and lung breathing will increase your respiratory capacity and purify the passages so you can release carbon dioxide safely while oxygenating the brain. The Shining skull breathing will help you flush the stale air and toxins away from your colon and gut and nourish you lungs, liver and spleen facilitating adequate transportation of nutrients to all organs and glands. The alternate nostril breathing will boost the production of melatonin in the brain, helping you sooth and relax. Placing healing mudras on immune boosting glands and trigger points will jolt up the main meridians to facilitate repose and healing. A brief meditation will clear your body and elicit a clear and stress-free mind.

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