Yogea Murals

Yogea Murals is a creative intercultural yoga lab that explores the body’s poetry in motion by integrating video, photography and yogic postures to create a pulsating membrane of memory, identities, cultures and ideas. The static sense of asana is captured in its dynamic flow through kinetic sculptures that breathe interconnectedness and peace. Conceived by Antonia Katrandjieva, Video and Photography by Ana & Kalin Ivanov. with the participation and creation of: Aga, Amaurys, Antonia, Blair, Catherine, Danielle, Gessica, Hara, Melissa, Niki, Sandra, Shipra, Valentina, Xana. Set to the inspiring voice sketches of acclaimed experimental singer and composer Bisan Toron (www.bisantoron.com), and utilizing the “urban zen” ambiance of Peridance Capezio Art Center in NY the project captures the process of collaboration in a way to explore creative insight and spontaneity as tools for spiritual growth.

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