Yogea Fertility Mudra and Visualization Practice: Metaphysical Gardening

This Yogea visualization introduces ancient mudra and novel breathing techniques to reclaim your femininity and maintain healthy levels of fertility-producing hormones in the body. The breathing practice promotes the flow of “Qi” or “prana” in the first two chakras — the centers of procreation and sexuality. The specific “ying”-boosting mudras cross main nerve channels through the meridian chain to contain energy in the uterus and stimulate healthy follicle secretion in the ovaries. Strung by an inspiring creative visualization these ancient and modern techniques help you cultivate your sexual flora by weeding inhibiting emotions trapped in the sacrum. By upturning the beneficial bacteria you will promote sustenance of a healthy vaginal and cervical “gut”. By stimulating your procreative potential with nurturing thoughts, positive affirmations and concrete images of blossoming and thriving, you will be able to rewire your feminine cells to a fertile and abundant frequency.


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