Yoga Routine for regulating blood pressure: Regulate and Sustain (open level)

The breathing techniques that start off this Yogea routine are a blend of Qi-Gong and Pranayama and involve the utilization of “Mudras” to help seal life force in the body. By activating pressure points, used in acupuncture, while breathing deeply and consciously practitioners can reduce high blood pressure on their own, improving symptoms of heart failure. The adequately strung poses that include pacifying forward bends, supine twists, grounding and standing poses and semi-inversions help ease palpitations, enhance cardiac rehabilitation and aid in lowering cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol levels, blood sugar and stress hormones. The routine improves breathing and sleep pattern, normalizes weight, and decreases the pulse rate, while increasing energy levels. The slow-pace invites practitioners to execute the poses cautiously with balance and concentration. As a result the postural alignment is fixed, the poise and steadiness grow, the attention focus comes back, the memory is enhanced and the mood swings stabilized. Furthermore, the spine and the joints become supple. At the end of the practice inner peace ensues. This enables the practitioner to tread life with purpose and direction.
If you are experiencing a high rise or drop in blood pressure or any related condition, consult your doctor prior to engaging in this practice.

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