Yoga practice for maintaining healthy vision: Serenity Gaze

This Yogea eye saving practice will help maintain a healthy vision, bring overall focus and promote glandular secretion. The first set starts with brisk tensing and relaxing of the eye muscles to tone and release any strain in the eye zone. Eye rotations and vision shifting are introduced next to train the eye to switch from central to peripheral and then from distant to frontal vision. Simultaneous eye and tongue circles promote the secretion of hormones of the pituitary and thyroid glands and boost the functions of the central nervous, peripheral, lymphatic and immune systems. A series of “tiger breaths” performed by sticking the tongue out while gazing at the mid-brow, help stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands and aid digestion and optimal food absorption.  Various, sense withdrawal exercises are practiced to shut the sensory perception down and spark intuition and immediate insight. Finally, a gentle palming technique blankets the eyes with “prana” and provides a deserved rest before new exposure to light.

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