Yoga for menstrual cramps relief: Alleviate & Purify

This Yogea practice blends asana, mudra and pranayama and is especially designed to relieve and reduce pain caused by pre-menstrual or menstrual cramping. Lower belly breathing strengthens the abdominals rectus, releasing clotting and increasing vaginal muscle tone. Pelvic floor stretches in frog pose release the flow while aiding the engaging of “Mula Banda” — the Earth seal. Seated butterfly positions are integrated with receptivity inducing “Yoni Mudra” to relax the tightness of the uterus. Pelvic contractions catalyze the first and second chakras, creating an open portal for re-directing downward flow. Trigger point activation is used while opening the hip flexors to stimulate the sexual glands and regulate the high hormone levels during menstruation.  Supine forward bends and back bends strengthen the mid back and hips. Focused tapping into the navel speeds up detoxification and restores the vital flow.

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