Yoga for Insomnia Relief: Slumber Drum (open level)

This slow-paced and easy-to-follow Yogea routine integrates gentle massage and tapping techniques into the asana and “mudra” practice to help you release all the tension of the day. It abounds with forward-bending and reclining poses to elicit the parasympathetic nervous system response. The choice of poses provides an even stretch through all the tendons, while relaxing the muscles and turning the mind off. Special “mudras” are incorporated into the forward bends to help turn the focus in. The transitioning between standing and sitting poses works seamlessly, as you follow the inherent logic of the body and submit to the flow. Gentle twists and backbends bring about a heartening and detoxifying effect, and accessible inversions flip you around to reverse your flow of gravity, and bathe the glands with Sleepy Time hormones. A reclining alternate nostril breathing modification technique calms you down and takes you into sweet slumber.  This sequence is also ideal for releasing stress and anxiety.

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