Weight Loss Yoga Routine: Trim & Tone (intermediate level)

This intermediate Yogea sequence offers a blend of isometric exercises paired with gluteus and thigh strengtheners, abdominal toners, and fat-burning breathing techniques to stimulate the natural mechanisms of the body for weight loss. Traditional poses are augmented with innovative binds, twists, and forward bends executed in a repetitive flow of contraction and release. Horizontal stretches engage the stomach muscles in tandem with the oblique and transverse abdominals. The gluteus is strengthened via elongation and relaxation of the lumbar spine. A series of standing postures alternate with deep squats to build up the quadriceps. Externally rotated hip flexors engage the adductors and abductors. The hamstrings are strengthened and lengthened through a blend of forward and back bends. Stamina building transitions chisel the upper arms and elongate the calves. The front of the body is toned while the background body rendered supple. Shoulder openers are combined with hip stretches, and detoxifying twists accompany reclining and standing poses. The focus is on building strong muscles, while creating lean and flexible musculature. By harnessing a silky energy that is powerful and elastic practitioners have the opportunity to stimulate the organs and trim the excess fat. The result is a radiant, detoxified and harmonious self.

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