Supine Reclining Ivy


Supine Reclining Ivy (looks like an ivy – its branches entwined and crawling into the ground: deltoid opener, quad stretch, knee soother & a gentle backbend)

Brief alignment: Start from a seated “hero” variation with one foot into groin and the other knee folded back, the top of the foot rolling through the floor. Slowly walk the upper back down, clasp foot and elbow with opposite hands, twist gaze over the knee folded backwards.

Benefits: Supine Reclining Ivy opens the heart, the shoulders while massaging the quad and safely opening the knee joint. It flushes toxins from the liver, and because of the meridian crossing bind balances the right and left brain hemipsheres.

Contraindications: Do not attempt this pose if you are suffering from lower back, knee or shoulder pain.

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