Shoulder Opening Yoga Routine: Confidence Boost (open level)

This Yogea sequence is peppered with self-boosting postures that eliminate stress and anxiety build up in the joints and promote a strong core and stability. Unconventional modes of opening the shoulder girdle are introduced in increasing complexity as the entire musculature simultaneously relaxes and tones, rounds and flexes. Spinal elongation is obtained through subtle twists and a wide array of shoulder binds that open the blades and stretch the deltoids are offered to maintain the rotator cuff stable and the ball and socket joint lubricated and flexible. A well-balanced warm-up stretches the lower body (hamstrings, Achilles and IT band) while opening the nerve channels to reap the pacifying effects of meridian crossings combined with neutrally and externally rotated standing poses. As the body moves from one posture to the next the weight shifts gracefully, and different muscle groups and endocrine glands are stimulated. Due to the close proximity of the shoulders to the cervical and thoracic spine all of the shoulder binds engage the intercostals muscles, the rhomboids and trapezius to give the upper back and the mid back an inner massage and an outward expansion. Special emphasis is placed on the ventilation and purifying breathing exercises preceding the postures that open the energetic channels for the outflow of tension and the inflow of life force. The creative blend of sitting, standing, reclining and kneeling shoulder and hip openers and invigorating backbends make this routine an ideal morning practice. A short creative visualization at the end allows the body to ground while floating, and the mind to sink inwards while expanding outwards.

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  1. Marina January 27, 2015 at 2:57 am #

    This routine unblocks the so often hardened shoulders due to the modern way of living. Thank you!

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