Prenatal Yogea Asana Routine for the 1st trimester




The prenatal Yogea asana routine for the 1st trimester starts with a brief breathing practice when mom tunes to the baby’s heart and practices diaphragmatic breathing to channel oxygen to the baby’s brain and open extra space in the belly. The routine begins with hip circles on all fours to awaken the hips and back while engaging arms and legs. The warm-up combines low lunges, side angles and kneeling hip openers with shoulder opening binds to help moms center and ground. The hamstrings and Achilles are gently stretched with semi-inversions and forward leans. The neck and spine is safely soothed while the hips gently open. The middle section introduces standing poses with nourishing binds that boost glandular secretion and promote circulation and vital energy flow. Wide-legged forward bends coupled with oppositional clasping and meridian crossing help moms balance right and left brain hemispheres and yield to gravity. Neutrally rotated standing pose modifications pair with hip and thigh openers to tone and relax the ligaments. Standing arching and scooping while supported through deep squats opens the mid back and strengthens the thigh muscles. From lateral standing binds moms transition safely into kneeling hamstring, and hip openers. Core work is deliberately omitted, while moms lean over with their legs wide open to provide room for baby. Side twists are replaced by lateral supine poses on the elbows and side of the waist that open up the hamstrings and side of the ribs cautiously. Seated hip openers stretch the groin muscles and mild forearm inversions supporting the lower back open the heart. The sequence is safe and emotionally supportive and all the poses are intended to create a sense of fullness as the belly expands. It builds endurance and teaches moms to relax through intense sensations. The aim is to balance breath work, relaxation skills and concentrated effort with an attitude of surrendering to the outcome.

Duration: 1 h. 12 min.

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