Prenatal Yoga Meditation: Gift of Life (3rd Trimester)

This Yogea mudra and meditation practice is intended to awaken the child within through the last stage of your pregnancy. A cradling of your pelvis drawn from ritual dance opens more space in the belly as it stretches the round ligament that wraps around the uterus. The chakras of the perineum, the navel, the solar plexus and the heart are connected through diaphragmatic chest breathing. A succession of mudras unlock the creative energy through the centers – Isis Wings mudra – opening your heart and allowing the baby to merge with your inner child; Infinity Loop mudra – tying your personality with the baby’s higher self together; Flowering Lotus mudra– awakening the creative force dormant within both of you; Descending Delta mudra –yielding to gravity for a safe and ecstatic delivery. A guided meditation ushers you on “the other side” like an Alice in wonderland as you reclaim the child within.

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