Prenatal Yoga Breathing: Luminous Dance (all trimesters)

This multi-dimensional Yogea series of breathing-asana practices sequenced in the form of a dance of creation offers a safe haven for moms-to-be to experience the soothing, energizing, expansive and nourishing effects of wedding dance and yoga from implantation to child-birth. Seated, reclining, kneeling, standing and squatting positions unlock the breath through the different chakras and body zones and bring greater mobility to the hip joints and looseness in the spine. The regular practice of this routine helps diminish shortness of breath and any physical discomforts at any stage of your pregnancy. Regular practice leads to overall to shorter labors and less need for interventions such epidural analgesics and C-section. The combination of breathing and rocking movements results into increased placental blood flow. This means the growing baby gets more oxygen and nutrients delivered to it throughout its intra-uterine life. Unlike many forms of fitness where the emphasis is on muscular contraction, this form of dancing breath balances muscular contraction with expansion or muscular lengthening, similar to yoga. This results in both increased strength and flexibility. Emphasizing the mind body and spirit connection, this luminous dance improves body awareness helping the woman to be in tune with her changing body and her growing baby.

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