Prenatal Mudra and Meditation Yoga Practice: Gift of Life (1st trimester)

This mudra and meditation Yogea practice is geared towards the needs of moms –to-be in their first trimester. It introduces powerful mudra that promote healthy implantation and gestation of the fetus and extends a devotional cord between mom’s and baby’s heart. Sacred geometry signs and symbols are integrated into the gestural breath-flow to fuel the latent energy of the seed into sprouting, cropping and healthy growth. Through creative visualization the baby is gently ushered into the winding spiral of life as it descends from the spiritual realm to incarnate on Earth. A potent “gestation” mudra is fixed on the navel chakra of sexuality and fertility as the mom is invoked into the secrets of bearing. Special light and breath waves activate the baby’s etheric sheath and promote proper assimilation of nutrients from food and to bring positive energy through mental affirmations. The meditation culminates into celebrating the gifts of fecundity and procreation while honoring this particular time of gestation and incubation as an introspective stage of self-study and inner sustenance. A final cord is struck in the area of the third eye, which pops open to help women unleash their motherly instincts, allowing them to receive the lessons of their offspring and sail through their pregnancy effortlessly and joyfully.

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  1. Marina February 5, 2015 at 6:23 pm #

    What a beautifully beautiful meditation. In my opinion, this meditation is not exclusively for pregnant women, but can be enjoyed by anyone who wants some good and creative breathing routine and connecting to the child with themselves. Namaste

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