Postnatal Yoga Routine: Cherish & Accept (natural birth)

Choose the postnatal Yogea routine Cherish and Accept if you had a natural delivery. It starts off with breathing and kiegels contractions to help you tone the pelvic muscles, restore the strength of the bladder and get a sense of your core. As you rock through spinal twists coupled with shoulder openers and abs toners you will massage the hips and sooth the lower back. More supine strengthening and stretching poses will help you extend through the sides of your waist and engage the oblique abdominals. Modified lunges paired with standing spinal twists will help you strengthen the thigh muscles and subtle “vinyasa” flows will fire up your upper arms. Forward bends alternate with backbends to uplift your mood while keeping you focused on your daily duties as a mom. Hip, hamstring and calf stretchers alternate with shoulder openers to integrate the lower and upper body half. An inspiring wind- down followed by helpful affirmations help you reconnect to your innermost self and accept your mission as a nurturer.

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