Multi Splits Yoga Routine: Juicy Splits (advanced level)

This advanced Yogea forward bending practice focuses, not only on lengthening the hamstrings, but also opening the front of the body. The selected forward bends counter the patterns formed by our daily habits by opening the hips – a repository for strong emotions and coaxing the hamstrings by lubricating their steely grip. Forward bends are also a time of introspection as we draw our attention away from the outside world by physically folding the body inward. This practice takes an active approach to forward bends as it helps protect the lower back by engaging the muscles of the lower abdomen. A variety of combinations allow you to both sink in the hips, while softening through the hamstrings and IT band. Dynamic complex twists are introduced to deepen the effect of the forward bends and help you detoxify and regenerate. Level shifts help the body transition through planes and stretches as the muscles and tendons begin to work synergistically to ensure safe and comforting stretching. The practice naturally builds up into performing “splits,” however modifications are provided for practitioners who do not wish to assume more complex poses. The cooling and calming effect of forward bends coupled with the intensity of advanced poses and augmented by abdomen toners creates a feeling of supported flexibility and a pacifying harmonious mood.

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