Kinetic Yoga Meditation and Asana: Spiral Of Change (advanced level)

This form of kinetic meditation blends asana with mudra and mindful walking. It takes the form of sacred dance linking movement with breath in a garland of asanas that invoke transformation and change. A brief Vipassana practice allows you to tune to the present moment. The mudra of acceptance coupled with conscious breathing invites change to sweep through you and catapult you into a new level of awareness. A series of purging asanas flow intuitively into a devotional dance that renders your limbs like brush-strokes painting your soulscape in the air. The body moves gracefully through the full spectrum of poses, reaping all psycho-physical and spiritual benefits. The seamless sequence spirals like a compass and allows you to give reverence to the four cardinal points of the Earth. The organic design cultivates a sense of fluid transitioning and teaches you how to transition elegantly from one pose to the next, from one stage of life to the next. Like a shape-shifter in space and time you transcend the confines of the mind and body to access higher levels of embodied mindfulness.

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