Evening Yoga Breathing: Twilight Dew

This valuable blend of breathing, cleansing, pacifying, and tapping practices helps distress the body, still the mind and reboot the cells for a restful night. Crossing the meridians while rippling the spine activates the two main nerve channels through which life force flows to satiate every organ, gland, tissue and cell in the body. Cleansing mudras couple with gentle tapping to dust off toxic accumulation from the skin and clear mental tension. A modification of alternate nostril breathing with a meridian crossing calms the nervous system and brings the body to an “alpha state” of effortless grace. Centering mudras tune the focus to what is essential and gentle massage runs through the face to the body and extremities to release toxic overload. The final oceanic breathing promotes circulation while supplying more oxygen to all body parts. A serene meditation rewinds your day from a positive perspective and takes you into a nourishing sleep.

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