Detox Yoga Routine: Healthy Squeeze (open level)

This is the ultimate revolving practice that introduces accessible twists across all planes, levels and types of poses to detoxify the body and purify the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems. Seated rib cage isolations coupled by twisted Breath of Fire (Kapalabhati) kick off the sequence cultivating a strong base from where to revolve. A series of kneeling and inverted poses alternate with standing and seated twists to stimulate the digestive fire “Agni” and nurture the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Standing poses garnished with detox binds purify the kidneys, liver and spleen progressively, flushing away toxins and oxygenating the brain. The body undulates from kneeling to sitting, from standing to supine, from reclining to inverted, to wind down through cooling forward bends – to calm the mind and “spring-clean” the colon. Gentle supine hip openers and reclining spinal twists wring any emotional, mental or physical debris out, and prepare the body for a nourishing relaxation. All the subtle bodies are purified and you are on your way to feeling like a new you.

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