Arms Strength Yoga Routine: Solid Grip (open level)

This Yogea routine strengthens the arms, stretches the shoulder girdle and tones the core, while promoting flexibility across all joints and tendons. A centering Qi-Gong based breath awakens the arms as you activate the electromagnetic sheath in the body by molding an imaginary ball of energy between the hands. Emphasis further goes to twisting the oblique abdominals on both sides, and pressing through all the knuckles of the hands to strengthen the wrists and energize the arms. The sides of the waist are toned with arm bearing balances while forward lunges strengthen the thigh muscles and chin dips empower the shoulder girdle and upper arms. Safe and gentle arm balances are integrated into the sequence, while promoting pelvic torsion to lengthen and detoxify. Empowering standing poses with arm variations alternate with cooling forward bends to stretch the entire spine and build stamina. Plank, and elbow plank frontal and sagittal variations further synch up the core with the upper and lower body. The sequence culminates into a complex arm balance that strengthens the upper arms, forearms elbows and wrists and promotes digestion and elimination. Tabletop poses build extra strength in the arms while opening the heart and working out the leg muscles. A gentle forward bend cools the body down and ushers it into a soothing relaxation to honor the arms as an extension of the soul.

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