Anti-addiction Yoga Routine: Break The Loop (open level)

This Yogea routine combines deep breathing with poses that deprogram the mind and allow the body to recover from obsessive disorders. A funnel breathing in the solar plexus rewires the brain to unhook from bad habits. A gentle massage on the diaphragm actives the solar plexus and helps you reconsider your sense of self. The sequence opens up with gentle backbends and shoulder rolls to awaken the spine and empower the body to reclaim its lost physicality. Soft inversions with lateral leg extensions fire up core, arms and legs and proceed into kneeling side lunges and bound twists that open up the chest and stimulate self-confidence. Low lunges alternate with standing stamina boosters. Standing forward bends curve into lateral abductor stretches and hip openers, coupled with kneeling and seated twists to release fixed imprints stored in the body’s joints. The arms, legs and core are further geared up through intense backbends in tabletop and deep forward folds paired with twists to release toxic emotional and mental residue. The body is elevated again to vertical and then anchored down through reclining twists, making it resilient and adaptive to change. The adrenals are gently massaged in the wind-down and the fight or flight response of the body is tamed. A loving relaxation and meditation re-kindles the child within and paves the way to trust and recovery.

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