Allergy Relieving Yoga Routine: Chase Away (open level)

This allergy relieving Yogea practice composed of inversions and heart-openers boosts the natural shield of the body and sooths allergic reactions in Spring. An intense fire breath sparks agny and flushes toxins away. Rigorous backbends with the heart open and the sternum anchored into the Earth stimulate the thymus gland and strengthen the immunity. The emphasis goes to activating the throat center and the pool of creativity through restorative inversions and forward bends. Standing pose variations stress the crossing of meridians, incorporating healing mudras and balancing binds – all empowering the energetic body to regulate itself. A series of cooling inversions calm the nervous system and promote circulation to all organs and glands. The pacifying effects of alternate nostril breathing allow you to clear the nasal passages and dissolve in deep relaxation that focuses on releasing toxic build up and regaining your spark and momentum in life.

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