7-Day Yoga Dare

Are you fed up of doing the same yoga practice? Wouldn’t it be amazing to relish a new routine, and harvest the power of the planets every day of the week? Yeah, that’s called planetary sync. Instead, of racing through a hyped-up Monday you contemplate the Moon Day and harness your intuitive nature. How’s that for a change? Oh, and there’s tons of weekly yoga challenges inspired by the chakras, but wouldn’t it be fun to chart your energy wheels from the Milky Way? Here’s your chance.

Yogea’s 7-Day Yoga Dare invites you into an inspiring weekly yoga program of breathing, asana, and meditation, tuned to the wisdom that each planet brings. The vibratory power of each day is coded in its name.

Poor Monday has gotten a bad rep – deceptively labeled as “manic Monday”. That in itself already stresses the crap out of everyone. But in actuality it is the day of the Moon.  Luxuriate in your Yin power and hook up your second and sixth chakra with Yogea’s receptive flow to open your inner vision.

How about a Mars driven day on a Tuesday – overflowing with determination and grit. Ride the opportunity with Yogea’s empowering flow as you focus on constructive action and setting your ideas in motion. It’s time to blast the third chakra and get things done!

Once the goals are set, we need to put them in context. It’s Wednesday. Time to network, communicate, and hone our interactive Mercurial nature. Open the heart chakra and harness your social body and relationships with Yogea’s mid-week routine.


Isn’t it precious to dedicate a day of the week to your contribution to the world? Jupiter calls us to put our ideas in context. Extend a bridge between your heart and third eye with Yogea’s Thursday class – so you can see your place in the bigger puzzle.

Ah, the weekend’s approaching… Are you ready to fall under the spell of Venus? Bathe in love with Yogea’s creative Friday flow – so you can refine the art of living consciously and beautifully.

Time to wind down. It’s Saturn’s day – a time to check in and revisit your week. Shed the old to dissolve lingering patterns that inhibit your growth with Yogea’s weekend introspection.

So you can end the week on a high note with Yogea’s Sunday burst. The Sun is illuminating all aspects of your life. Feel the grounded-ness and uplifted-ness from first to seventh chakra and reap the rewards of a prolific week. You are now vibrating with a rainbow body and you are riding the planetary tides. Ah, it feels so good to make cosmic connection part of your daily life!

We actually filmed this 7-Day Yoga dare program on a Sunday at the beautiful YouTube space at Chelsey Market in New York. As we were wrapping up the Sunday sequence the Sun beamed in and smiled at us. A validation that we were in planetary synch…

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