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Prenatal Yogea: Nurturing Life Series

Yogea Prenatal Package (9 videos) for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd, trimester
You can purchase the whole series as a package, or as a single video.

The Yogea prenatal “NURTURING LIFE” is a unique, live narrated series containing nine videos especially tailored to the needs of moms-to-be through all trimesters. Each trimester consists of three separate videos featuring a breathing, meditation, mudra and asana practice that corresponds to each stage of pregnancy.

The Breathing practice is accompanied by special mudra (hand gestures that seal energy in the body) and helps moms tune to their baby’s heart. Additional breathing tools follow – to open up the energetic body, promote circulation, purify organs and provide space for baby’s growth.

The Meditation combines mudra with creative visualization and takes moms on an inspirational ride through the energetic, physical, mental changes that accompany every trimester.

The Asana routine, geared to the needs of every trimester, starts with useful breathing and mudra practices and flows into accessible and devotional sequencing and closes with a beautiful meditation to honor the sacred journey of motherhood.

Each routine is safe and designed according adopted prenatal yoga standards, but before starting, please be advised to consult with your physician whether your pregnancy allows any physical activity. If you experience any pain or discomfort while practicing, please, discontinue immediately and try the Yogea breathing or meditation techniques instead. Please, note, that Yogea is not to be held responsible for any injuries or pain that may arise while practicing.

All purchases are final and non-refundable. To make sure you chose the right video for you check out the short excerpt.

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