Your Makeover

I am one of those diligent beings who usually set milestones and deadlines to achieve them. I like to plan and navigate the process, even when it tips me off center and takes me by storm. When I fail to seize the opportunity, I feel rudderless, but I plan again, even more meticulously. Planning is my security checkpoint. It is my safety net. I check in every day to assess the goals that I’ve met and to reset the course if needs be. I write my New Year’s resolutions devotedly and place them on my altar as a reminder of the work that lies ahead. How dull is that? How awfully not yogic is that? I laugh at myself for being such a nerd.

This year I am up for a major makeover. It is not one of those facelifts, tummy tucks, boob jobs, and Botox fillers that women do to boost their self-image. I am not going blond either. Lol, I did that last year. This transformation has nothing to do with the way I look. It is all about the way I approach things – not with grit and willpower to conquer and control, but with a grace and willingness to partake in a worldly, cosmic show. I have made a vow to entertain myself. I am ready for an adventure, the trajectory of which I cannot predict. I have decided to shake it out, to loosen up, and take it easy, for once. Or to phrase it better, just to feel at ease and at home with myself.

At the ripe age of 44, I have finally gotten the flash that resolve is not powered by inner desire and outer support. It does not come from true grit. It is more a permission to mellow down, to let go, to let be. Through this lens resolve is a type of surrender, a way to set your desires, affirmations and intentions free in this world. What sustains your resolution is your willingness to grow than sheer willpower. It is a discovery of how your happiness is inextricably twined with the wellbeing of others. Letting your heart’s longings unfold over time will give you the liberty to grow without the pressure lid of estimated success. You will delight in the sweetness of honing your desires, seeing them adjust to the changing winds. Nothing is set in stone. Not even our dreams. They, too, take the shape of our embodied vision and evolve as we grow.

Turning possibility into reality requires an open mind, a kind heart and a soft focus. The more you get hooked to your desires, the less likely they are to flourish, the more impinged in your undertakings you will become. But if you choose to just stay the course, and embrace the turn of events without bias and regret, you will reap the rewards of any outcome. Sowing your intentions freely without attaching to when and how they will be harvested brings peace and ease. Instead of taking charge of your life, let life have your back. Instead of magnetizing your desires, let them come to you when you are ready for them.

I love the translation of the Sanskrit word for resolution” Sankalpa” which means “a man who wants to do good.” The Sankalpa always arrives with everything needed to fully realize it. To rhyme with that dharma nugget, I make a vow to sow seeds of goodness, compassion and love in the best way I can. And I rest in the knowing that my plan will emerge out of that greater vision and scope in the best possible way. And I stand in the light of my divine!”

I am now relieved.  I vow to sail through the New Year without anticipation, expectation or regret. I feel agenda free and stronger than ever…Are you ready to burn your to-dos-list and step in your element? Join me for this threshold meditation that will fuel your sweetest makeover.

New Year’s Meditation: Your Makeover

This New Year’s meditation outlines the basic steps for you to tune to your heartfelt desire, and inquire what is holding you back to make your vision a reality. It draws on the ancient process of offering your “sankalpa” or resolution to the Universe, in service for the greater good of humankind.

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