Yogea Tension Releasing Breathing: Loosen Up

This Yogea breathing practice combines pranayama and emotional freedom tapping techniques to help you disentangle knots of tension through the body to gain emotional and physical release. Pumping the hands while tapping the shoulders increases the blood supply through the hands and shoulders and releases tension through the central axis. Unfolding the arm in the elbow joint while twisting and lifting the elbow up and tapping the shoulder helps rinse tension away from the mid and lower back and promotes the circulation through the hips and pelvis. Twisting the hands from the wrists and gently tapping them into the crown of the head dusts off mental tension and resets the endocrine system. A purifying scan with the arms stroking through the head, torso and legs clears away any mental, physical and emotional residue and leaves the body clear and tension-free.

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