Yogea Tapping Practice: Stimulate & Pacify

This simple Yogea tapping routine integrates different ways of acu-pressure point activation and will leave you energized, lucid, relieved, confident and serene. It offers a tool kit to effectively calm or soothe yourself emotionally, mentally and/or physically. The practice starts with simple tools to activate the personal bio-magnetic field and generate warmth in the hands, palms and finger tips. The drumming then takes you on a journey throughout the entire body commencing with the breast bone to stimulate the thymus gland and boost the immunity, moving through the neck, face, back of the head, solar plexus, lower abdomen and the groins legs to promote vitality and facilitate emotional release. It even extends into “percussing” the ground and tuning your frequency with the geomantic vibration of the Earth. The tapping further travels to the heels and buttocks in reclining positions as you activate the chakra system and open up the main meridians to channel life force.

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