Yogea Story

Yogea was not initiated by a “guru”. It was not sparked by “satori” in an ashram, and is not the next hybrid staple of the commoditized yoga establishment.

The idea for Yogea was birthed in the water. I was inspired by an intuitive encounter with nature while sailing on the Indian Ocean to the island Ko Phi Phi in 1995. I was doing yoga onboard a ferry, when suddenly the wind took over – naturally twisting and turning my body with the current. I was no longer moving by the book, but allowed the natural elements to move me into a seamless, organic flow. I danced gracefully from pose to pose, playfully shifting angles, levels, planes and directions. New transitional poses ensued naturally. I was no longer bound to set form. I no longer tried to fit into asanas. Instead, I was breathing with nature, linking states of consciousness while being receptive to change and to a wider range of possibilities. I had tapped the state of “Yogaia” (in honor of Yoga), and had made myself available for the magic of every moment. I had reconsidered “asana” from an “innovasana” perspective and had afforded myself the liberty to create new poses, fluid transitions, fresh mudras and inventive sequences. I reconsidered Yoga from a bird’s eye, and instinctively flew outside the BOX.

Upon receiving “initiation” from the Indian Ocean, I seeded Yogea across South-East Asia, North Africa, South America, Eastern and Western Europe, and the U.S. I aspired to make Yoga an exciting and creative adventure accessible to all – boldly redefining classical yoga, refining the craft of fluid asana, and upgrading spiritual science and ancient philosophies for our modern needs.

Practicing Yogea for about 20 years now, I have rewired my brain, cultivated a flexible mind and a lucid body. Flowing curiously with each moment, without judgment and preconception has enabled me to forge new horizons in the commoditized Yoga industry. Staying true to the inherent yogic tenets of compassion, non-violence, loving-kindness and authenticity I have developed a singular flow-based style that fosters personal creativity and promotes physical, mental and emotional wellness – inspiring people to live in devotion and gratitude. I marvel the ingenuity and unparalleled beauty of all my students and encourage each to be their “true self”. I feel humbled by everyone, inspired by every experience and encounter with divinity inherent in all.

Today, Yogea is not just a mere fusion of ancient and modern spiritual practices, but a reputable educational, creative and spiritual platform, encompassing an online video channel, teacher training programs, workshops, semi-weekly classes, private coaching sessions, and a Mystery School. It links the dots between traditions, extracts the underlying principles of the sacred to help uplift the mundane.

Each instructional video is beautifully shot, user friendly and the product of extensive theoretical and practical research in the esoteric field. Each class combines intriguing themes, healing tools and valuable exercises that will challenge you out of the comfort zone.

Each Teacher training program is a modern mystery school that journeys you through the spiritual heritage of all ancient civilizations to return you back to your Source. Our story is part of your story. We evolve consciously as we teach and learn every day. Every encounter with you is a learning curve. Every viewer’s comment is worthy of appreciation and consideration.

We stand for sustainable innovation while preserving the genuine authenticity of spiritual work. We update our practices regularly to address your current needs, integrating them into exciting wellness, teacher training programs and workshops – all designed to inspire you to flow through the art of conscious living. Why turn the stifled yoga canon into a museum, or the next trendy fitness regimen? Let’s create, educate and innovate…. Let’s fly high, sink deep, stretch long, reach wide, think outside the BOX…

Antonia Ka – Founder of “Yogea”