Yogea Signature 200h Teacher Training Program “Unbox Yourself”, Spring’16

Enough of hammering Sun Salutes, Vinyasas, and patterned flows…

It’s high time to give the iconic Warrior II-Crescent- Bound Angle-Triangle a breather…

You’ve had it with the clichéd yoga speak, right?

You want to stretch beyond adopted standards of possibility…

Are you ready to venture outside the Yoga BOX?

Yogea’s unprecedented 200-h Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training Program will immerse you into the art and science of classical and modern Yoga – nurturing your creativity and carving your authentic voice as teachers and empaths.

Not only will you ace the Yoga basics but you will enter a playground of exploration and rediscovery.

You will learn new inventive ways of how to structure a class in Yogea’s unique style; how to design targeted routines for any age, level, and condition; how to juggle philosophy and energetic anatomy from various wisdom traditions; how to weave breathing practices into a seamless flow; how to tweak standard variations; how to coin new asanas and adorn them with artful binds; how to amplify inspiring meditations with universal mudras and creative visualizations.

All this ancient and existential knowledge delivered in a PlaySpace “Teach vs Preach” where you have the freedom to blaze your own trail as a teacher and yogi.

All this to enrich, transform and inspire you to live outside your shell – so you can inspire others…

Yogea is the natural expansion beyond the frame that confines YOU…

What you will learn:

The art of Conscious Breathing and Energetic Alignment

The art of Organic Flow, Fluid Transitioning and Inventive Sequencing

The art of Moving Anatomy and Etheric Physiology

The art of Targeted Routines – tailoring the class to levels, ages, and conditions

The art of refining classical poses and minting new Asana in a creative lab “Innovasana Think Tank”

The study of existing Yoga types and styles

The integration of diverse Wisdom Traditions and philosophies into the class format

The art of carving your authentic voice

The art of living Yoga – bridging the sacred and the mundane

Time Breakdown:

80 h – Yoga practice and theory on the Move – Intensive sessions integrating yoga philosophy and physiology with an a emphasis on asana, breathing, energetic alignment and smooth transitioning

50 h – Practice Teach: Interactive classes with direct feedback

20 h – The art of integrating meditation and mudra into relevant creative visualization themes

20 h – Targeted routines – Research and composition: how to tailor the class according to needs, levels and conditions

15 h – Home meditation and practice

15 h – Reading and writing assignments

Total: 200 h

Tuition: $3,500

Advanced Payment required (50% non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot paid 90 days prior to the beginning of the training)

Yogea Spring 200 h Three-Weeks Intensive

When: April 4 – April 24

Where: Midtown Manhattan, NYC

To register email us at: yogea.ytt@gmail.com


One Response to “Yogea Signature 200h Teacher Training Program “Unbox Yourself”, Spring’16”

  1. Mahazosoa February 9, 2016 at 2:08 am #

    Is it possible to get when will be your next yoga teacher trainings in New York. My dream! I will come from very far away. I would like to participate . I have to plan ahead. how many times a year? always the same period? the same duration?
    Many thanks

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