Yogea Q&A

Q: What does Yogea mean?

A: “Yog Eiah” is a form of Divine Reciprocity. Translated from Sanskrit it means “In the name of Yoga” – a devotional way of recognizing the art of yoga as a divine practice and giving thanks to it. Simply put it means “offering thanks to Yoga”.

Q: What does Yogea – Yoga ”Outside of the box” stand for?

A: It is the slogan that best describes Yogea’s innovative educational, creative and spiritual platform. The mission of Yogea is to offer a new approach to the mainstream commoditized Yoga industry. Yogea challenges adopted principles of sequencing, class format and home practice while honoring traditional yoga and newly evolved yoga hybrids as it upgrades spiritual science to serve our current needs.

Q: What is the difference between yoga and Yogea?

A: Yogea is an innovative approach to Yoga that is anchored in gratitude and offers a new contemporary spin to classical Yoga.

Q: How is Yogea different from the others styles of yoga?

A: Yogea builds on existing yoga methods, but creates an entirely new concept of yoga education and practice revealed through a signature style. Yogea flow revolutionizes the art of sequencing by following the body’s natural way of linking intention and breath in space and time. It ventures into exploring new asana variations, minting new poses and facilitating smooth transitions on the mat and in life.

Q: Is Yogea a Vinyasa yoga style?

A: Yes, Yogea is a “flow” Yoga style, but is not confined to any fixed Vinyasa series or sequencing practiced worldwide. Yogea’s undulating sequencing serpents into myriad level switching, plane shifts and introduces new pose variations that change the flavor of the practice, making it a challenging, but delightful journey.

Q: Is Yogea a religion?

A: No, like all forms of yoga, it is a practice that helps you improve physically and mentally and paves your way to a more wholesome and balanced lifestyle. Regardless of your confession you are welcome to practice Yogea and let it enrich your life mentally, physically and spiritually.

Q: Can I practice Yogea if I don’t have any experience in yoga?

A: Yes, you can definitely practice Yogea as a novice. It offers plenty of basic and beginners’ sequences that can get you started.

Q: Do I have to consult a doctor before practicing Yogea?

A: Like other forms of Yoga, you always have to know whether your physical condition allows you to engage in any type of physical activity. Knowing what your body needs and practicing edge-playing is key to an injury free yoga practice. In cases of any prior injuries or chronic physical condition, please consult a doctor before practicing.

Q: Is Yogea suitable for beginners?

A: Yes it is. Yogea offers well-rounded and targeted sequence to suit every level and stage of the yoga journey.

Q: I am an advanced yoga practitioner. Can I learn advanced yoga techniques by practicing Yogea?

A: Sure. As a seasoned practitioner you will be exposed to a wide array of advanced asana, pranayama, kriya, mudra and meditation practices. There is diverse palette of classes and independent practices that will allow you to hone your craft further.

Q: Is there a specific number of poses in a Yogea routine?

A: No, Yogea does not frame series, sequences or variations into numbers and boxes. Instead it offers limitless possibilities for sculpting asanas through movement, breathing and awareness.

Q: What’s the best time for doing Yogea?

A: Anytime, anywhere…

Q: Will doing Yogea help me lose weight?

A: Yes, if you choose to do a sequence that specifically targets weight loss physically, mentally and energetically.

Q: Can I do Yogea even though I am not flexible?

A: Definitely. You don’t have to have any range of flexibility to start Yogea. You just need to commit to a regular integral practice to improve your flexibility

Q: Can men do Yogea?

A: Like all forms of Yoga, Yogea is universal and unisex.

Q: How can I practice Yogea at home?

A: You can visit us at www.yogea.org. Simply roll your mat out and give it a shot.

Q: Do I have to watch the videos prior to practicing?

A: In some cases, if the routine is faster paced, it is necessary to pause and study some transition and pose prior to flowing through the entire sequence. Slower paced sequences can be practiced directly without any prior watching.

Q: How many times a week should I practice Yogea?

A: As many times as your body needs it. Ideally every day 20 – 30 minutes will give you an overall boost of body and mind.

Q: How long do I have to practice Yogea in order to advance my practice?

A: Like with all yoga practice it depends on the level of regularity and commitment.

Q: Is Yogea safe for pregnant women?

A: Yes, our short YouTube routines, as well as our full classes available to download from our website are designed according to adopted prenatal yoga standards and geared towards the needs of moms-to-be through every trimester of their pregnancy. But prior to engaging into the practices, make sure to consult with your doctor whether your pregnancy allows physical activity.

Q: How often do you upload new Yogea videos online?

A: Every Friday. Stay tuned.