Yogea Hormonal Balance Breathing: Nourished Glands

This Yogea breathing practice blends healing techniques from Kundalini and Mudra yoga to regulate the endocrine system and restore hormonal balance. Assuming KA mudra balances the upward and downward flow and activates the hypothalamus to secrete life-enhancing hormones. Cyclical breathing nourishes the thyroid and parathyroid glands and regulates digestion and metabolism.  Ripples of rhythmic breathing undulate through the thymus to benefit the lymphatic and immune system. Plugging KA mudra into the navel accompanied by sharp contractions and twists stimulates the pancreas and nurtures the liver, kidneys and spleen. Arm thrusts above the head with a rhythmic release into the fontanel further catalyze the hypothalamus, flooding the adrenal glands with fresh oxygen. Dynamic ventilation breathing with sharp pelvic bounces reboots the glands and directly stimulates the testes and ovaries. A final oceanic breathing elicits the relaxation response and brings the body, mind and spirit into a space of healing and self-regulation.

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