Yogea Bloodpressure Regulating Breathing: In Synch

This Yogea practice incorporates pranayama, Qi-enhancing breathing and auricular acupressure to help regulate blood pressure. Pushing into the ear lobe and releasing it briskly allows the pressure to normalize. Pulling the fleshy part of the ears while opening the shoulders and the chest activates specific points related to the cardiovascular system that promote circulation through the organs. Rhythmic breathing while crisscrossing the arms in front of the chest accompanied by “bellows breath” (Bhastrika) builds heat and increases oxygenation. The cooling “bee” (Shitali) breath lowers the heart rate and calms the mind. A pacifying alternate nostril breathing coupled with pelvic twists balances the right and left brain hemisphere to extend a vital bridge between the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Oceanic breathing (Ujaii) echoes your breath through a distant cave, where you sink into a meditation to find balance and inner peace.

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