Yogea Beautifying Routine: Glowing Allure (open level)

Designed and performed by our inspiring Yogea teacher Marina Grubic.

This Yogea routine combines tapping, facial stretching and breath work with poses that rejuvenate the cells and reverse the aging process. Special massage through the crown of the head stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, strengthens the hair follicles and promotes circulation through the face and neck. Warm-up lunges couple with throat openers to stimulate the skin of the neck and chest. Meridian crossing while opening the heart keeps optimal brain fitness and maintains both sides of the body in perfect balance. Strengthening standing poses pair with healthy pulling of the eyelids. Lunging and forward bends stretch the back and tone the thighs. Reclining backbends and hip openers nurture the shoulder and pelvic girdles and energize the face. Semi-reclining kneeling forward bends alternate with twists to release toxins and stimulate all glands to secrete age-defying hormones. A gentle reclining tapping, as well as active fluttering of the lips helps speed up circulation and massages all organs internally and externally. An uplifting meditation closes the practice in appreciation of inner and outer beauty.


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