Yogea Allergy Relieving Breathing: Clear Flow

This unique blend of immune boosting and allergy relieving pranayama, healing mudra and acupressure massage will clear any nasal decongestion due to hay fever or seasonal allergies. The three-part abdominal, diaphragmatic and lung breathing will increase your respiratory capacity and purify the passages so you can release carbon dioxide safely while oxygenating the brain. The Shining skull breathing will help you flush the stale air and toxins away from your colon and gut and nourish you lungs, liver and spleen facilitating adequate transportation of nutrients to all organs and glands. The alternate nostril breathing will boost the production of melatonin in the brain, helping you sooth and relax. Placing healing mudras on immune boosting glands and trigger points will jolt up the main meridians to facilitate repose and healing. A brief meditation will clear your body and elicit a clear and stress-free mind.

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