A year has elapsed since our first Yogea post. What a rewarding and inspiring time! We ventured to give you an appreciation of all sources of Yoga throughout the world. This wouldn’t have been possible without the inspiring dialogue with thousands of viewers around the world. Thank you for your constructive feedback that challenged us to improve with every post. Thank you for practicing the routines and learning them assiduously. It has been so gratifying and insightful to read all your comments and apply them directly into Yogea — a signature Yoga blend that defies imposed standards and expands consciousness by nurturing innovation and creativity. Sincere gratitude to all our yoginis: Alexandra Kramerova, Cecilia Landers, Danielle Schlauderaff, Gessica Paperini, Hara Zi-Radopoulou, Sipra Saraogi, Siras Nitithatsanakul, Valentina Priolo, Xana Villan Rueda. We are deeply grateful to our mystical singer and “archepolyphonist” Bisan Toron for her enchanting melodies. Together we have woven this colorful YOGALEIDOSCOPE to honor all strings of the spiritual tradition, all aspects of the yoga practice, all souls that seek enlightenment on Earth and in the Universe. May all living beings be happy and free! Namaste.

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