Yoga Stamina Routine: Persevere & Grow (open level)


This Yogea routine hones endurance of body, mind and will. Cradling between table pose and boat pose we open the spine while engaging the abdomen. Deeper isometric core openers tone the front of the body, while side plank pairs with spider lunge in to firm the side of the waist and open the hips. Standing poses change smoothly in a pose-counter-pose flow switching from external to neutral rotators, with subtle leg shifts to facilitate easy transitions. The standing prelude descends into kneeling bound poses brimming with thigh openers and toners. Seated core work introduces artful binds and meridian crossings. Further pelvic lifts and leg rotations in table pose strengthen the pelvis, arms, torso and hips. Diving into cobra poses and emerging from the base while engaging the core builds a solid center and a body as strong as a rock and as flexible as bamboo. An empowering relaxation pose lets you perceive your body as a stronghold in times of change.


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