Yoga Stamina Routine: Empower Yourself (intermediate level)

This Yogea sequence targets the core, with an emphasis on building abdominal strength and training the body to utilize the principles of oppositional pull while obtaining alignment and stability. Through specific belly toners, hamstring calves openers the front body is encouraged to move into the rear body, so that correct postural alignment can inform the deeper stretches of the ball, socket and hinge joints. Various invigorating standing poses that build stamina and balance are intermingled with side bends and cleansing twists to ensure deep detoxification of the intestinal tract and promote oxygenation of the brain. The body’s metabolism is stimulated as the natural ability for weight loss is regenerated. Powerful breathing tools are introduced in the process of the practice to enhance the body’s ability for resilience and strength. The vital center of the body is catalyzed and as a result the defense mechanisms are boosted to fight bacterial and virus infections during the fall. Blood circulation in the extremities is enhanced as the legs and arms are gently stretched and toned. The principles of energetic alignment are heeded as practitioners are taught to yield and lift, reach and root, radiate and support. A purifying “fire breath” crowns the sequence to facilitate a total detox and release, and allow the individual to receive the healing nutrients from the soil during fall.

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