Yoga Stamina Boosting Routine: Bamboo Power (intermediate level)

This Yogea sequence combines the benefits of an abs class, a cardio routine and a strength interval-based training. It takes the body through all spatial planes, levels and integrates isometric stretches while building up core strength. Instead of holding for an extended period of time in every pose, you get to try a fun way of shifting weight while recovering from balancing and lunging poses. Standing poses alternate from side to side, allowing you to build stamina as you press the legs into the floor and engage into external or neutral leg rotation or hip adduction or abduction. Special twists and binds are integrated into the classical poses, so you can enjoy compound movements. Certain asanas fulfill multiple functions as they allow you to function in different planes simultaneously while stabilizing your center and providing full range in all the joints. Strong emphasis is placed not necessarily on building muscle mass, but on elongating the muscles and creating a synergistic feel in the body. The three main girdles of the neck, the trunk and the pelvis are all engaged and worked out. The sequence promotes a sense of stability, inner resolve and graceful tenacity.

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