Yoga Routine for Strong and Flexible Legs: Physical Prowess (open level)

This Yogea routine is especially designed for keeping your legs supple and strong. A relaxing corpse pose starts off the sequence are you are asked to sprawl the length and width of the body across the floor and to articulate through the feet, ankles and legs while anchoring the sacrum into the floor. Splaying the knees open in supine butterfly allows a gentle opening of the hips, and planting the feet down lifts the spine in a comfortable bridge to warm up through the spine and massage the groins. The legs are supine and crossed to facilitate a deeper twist in the spine and a stretching of the hips. As they cradle up crisscrossed into a seated spinal twist you are able to ground the sits bones and transition the legs forward through a tabletop by activating your arm muscles. Pulsating from down dog into plank with the leg extending parallel to the side tones the entire core and strengthens the thigh muscles. Empowering neutrally and externally rotated standing poses with an emphasis on stable weight shifting further fire up the quads and calves and train your sense of balance. A seated series of isometric pushing and pulling strengthen the abductors and adductors and elongate the quads to hold the hip joints better. The relaxation happens in a deep forward standing fold. A gradual rolling up through the spine one vertebrae at a time bring you back to vertical alignment with the Earth as you feel steady and strong.

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