Yoga Routine for Menopause: Graceful Maturity (open level)

This Yogea routine is especially geared toward helping women manage menopause beautifully. It blends powerful gland stimulating asana with chakra activating mudras and nurturing creative visualization to acknowledge this sacred “rite of passage”. A powerful cooling breathing accompanied by “Shakti” inducing mudras moderate the body’s temperature while activating the chakras of the sensuality and personal identity. The routine starts in a cocoon shell to bring the focus in and ignite the body’s powers of self-regulation and embodied sustenance. Rippling motion takes the body into a wild serpent undulating through all fours and kneeling poses. A hip opening warm up through spider lunge and twisted diamond variations revitalize the pelvic floor and lead into standing and balancing poses – transitioning creatively from externally rotated positions to twisted deep squats to rekindle the spark of the second chakra. The standing grounding series gracefully cascades into seated twists adorned with bind variations to open both hips and shoulders – enhancing the functions of the ovaries and the hormones they produce. Gentle backbends paired with reclining twists ramp up the adrenals boosting estrogen levels. Powerful forward bends gently compress the abdomen, massaging the uterus and other abdominal organs. And inverted poses regulate the endocrine system and reset the hormones. Stimulated and nurtured the your body is brought back into the cocoon where it further gestates – opening up outlets for fertile creativity. A guided meditation takes you through the stages of spiritual maturation during menopause.

2 Responses to “Yoga Routine for Menopause: Graceful Maturity (open level)”

  1. Tamara Steger November 27, 2015 at 2:47 pm #

    Thank you so much for this amazing routine! I love the combination of hand configurations, ripples, and twists combined with the creative inverted poses. And, the flow, the tempo, and slight complexity keep my mind focused, allow for new things to be learned, and nourish the spirit with energy and rhythm! And, after all that delightful movement and breathing, your words round off the routine with inspiration for re-invention and anticipation!

    • Yogea Art flow December 4, 2015 at 5:52 pm #

      Dear Tamara,

      What a delight to receive your feedback on the menopause routine! You write so eloquently and beautifully, that your words weave into a dance of inspiring asanas, mudras and insights to improving our human design. It was so exciting to built this routine safely and meaningfully and you really inspired us to think “outside of the box” and invest our mind and heart into it. Thank you so much for keeping the conversation alive and for enriching Yogea with your soulful presence and deep intelligence. We feel so blessed to heave you in our extended family of “maverick yogis”. Together we will spark a creative revolution to reimagine the practice and our lives. Looking forward to meeting you in person either in Eastern Europe or here in New York.

      All our love and gratitude,
      Yogea Team

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