Yoga Routine for Flexibility: Elastify (open level)

This Yogea sequence for flexibility juices up all the tendons, ligaments and joints and releases tension build up in the muscles – rendering the body elegant and supple. Comforting shoulder openers alternate with forward and side bends to promote flexibility both through the front and back. Externally rotated standing poses wrap into innovative binds that open the hips and elongate through the sides of the spine. Grounding lunges pair with neutrally rotated poses to work out the abductors, adductors and gluteus. Forward bends swirl into deep twists to facilitate myofascial release.  Seated hip-openers couple with meridian crossings and toe hooks to rinse off toxic emotional residue from all joints. Invigorating backbends stretch the body in the opposite direction and open the mind to ingenuity and innovation. A standing meditation provides stability and reinforces the vertical connection to Spirit. The result is an elastic mind and a lucid body, always open to the wonder of the moment.

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