Yoga & Qi-Gong Fertility Boosting Routine: Vibrant Womb (open level)

This Yogea routine combines the revitalizing benefits of Qi-Gong with the calming and healing impact of Yoga. It starts off with a standing kinetic meditation to harness the massive power of “qi” into the pelvic girdle and flows into a series of repetitive brisk movements coupled with conscious breath. Each exercise takes you organically through developmental movement, as you spiral from standing, to squatting, to kneeling, to supine to reclining poses. The Qi-Gong pairs with ecstatic Kundalini (creative energy) breath to spark up the Shakti (feminine) force up the spinal column and bring warmth and fresh blood supply to the uterus. As a result the ovarian function is rebooted, and Ying or receptive energy is stored for healthy implantation.  A brief creative visualization at the end floods you with a feeling of renewed balance, and restores the trust in your body that your reproductive organs work in perfect harmony to allow an easy conception.

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