Yoga Master Class Demo: Challenge and Grow

This demo Yogea sequence is designed for yoga teachers or seasoned practitioners only. Please, do not attempt this master class unless you have had at least 5 years of prior advanced yoga experience. Make sure to take at least 5 rounds of Sun Salutations to warm up prior to starting the sequence. This fast paced asana sequencing composed of back and forward bends, twists, inversions and bound standing poses leads practitioners through a colorful string of asana variations. The non-orthodox structuring allows you to try a more unconventional way of transitioning as you cultivate a sense of strength, stability and resilience. Once conducted on one side the long uninterrupted flow is repeated on the other side. The idea is to refrain from holding too long in the poses and get a sense of fluid flow and smooth transitioning. Tuning to the breath and gliding through the sequence you will reap the detoxifying, immune enhancing, invigorating, relaxing and balancing benefits. A brief relaxation at the end facilitates deeper absorption of physical, mental and spiritual healing and sails you through the Universal current with veneration and compassion.

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