Yoga Inversions Routine: 180 Flip (intermediate level)

N.B. If you suffer from glaucoma, neck injuries or had a recent stroke in your medical history, or if you are menstruating, refrain from practicing inversions.
This Yogea Sequence targets key inversions. Standing, sitting and reclining postures are re-examined and performed with an inverted slant to relieve back and neck pain. A fluid flow of postures introduces practitioners into a gentle warm-up that prepares the cervical spine to perform a 180 degree flip. As a result the cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems are stimulated simultaneously. Shoulder openers and hamstring stretches, hip and glute openers, quad toners, balancing poses and mild twists are interspersed to create a well-rounded practice with an emphasis on reversal of gravity. The select inverted poses improve lung tissue quality by encouraging delivery of fresh blood to the heart. They promote efficient circulation by successfully ventilating the upper lungs and ensuring more oxygen-to-blood exchange that promotes healthier tissue, relieves the heart of some of the duties and temporarily lowers blood pressure and heart rate. The practice culminates into assuming the royal “asanas”, like shoulder-stand, headstand and plow, which are responsible for waste removal, immune-system response and fluid balance. The endocrine system is stimulated as hormone delivery increases. The thyroid and parathyroid glands perform with optimal efficiency, regulating the metabolism. The sequence also stimulates the pituitary gland, which is the master gland in charge of positive well-being. Stagnant blood in the body unclogs, bones are strengthened and skin tone is enhanced. Stress levels drop as the height of the individual is maintained and his core subtly toned. As a result there is sharper focus, calmer brain, improved sleep and digestion. The sequence ends with an inversion that drains the sinuses and the lymph system and moves blood back into the heart, improving concentration and memory and boosting clear thinking.

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