Yoga for Runners: Supple Strides (open level)

This Yogea routine is especially designed to assist runners in getting their bodies stronger and suppler while boosting their lung capacity and opening their mind to the journey, not the final outcome. A gentle warm up focuses on lengthening the hamstrings and calves and opening the hips. Standing poses bring strength and stability, while kneeling lateral twists allow deep stretching of the gluteus and psoas. Seated forward bends pair with supine abductor stretches and neutrally rotated standing twists help stretch the IT band and massage the lower back. The emphasis is on activating all leg muscles, making them longer, stronger and limber. A supine reclining back bending sequence counters the stretching of the hamstrings and realigns the hips, legs and torso. A closing grounding relaxation helps you release any harboring tension so you feel lighter and energized for the next “run home”.

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