Yoga for PMS: Pain-free Cycle (open level)

This is a set of practices, breathing and asana to encourage downward flow and ensure a pain-free cycle. An apana (down-ward flow) breathing in Yoni (Earthing) mudra starts you off to flood the belly with vital juices, and open the two main meridians that channel energy through the body. A tight rocking hug with the elbows rooted into the ground allows you to, flutter your legs out like a butterfly and curl them back in a tight cocoon. Diaphragmatic breathing in Frog Pose further opens the hips and rushes blood into the pelvic area to facilitate the release of waste. Deep squats urge the hips to release “apana”. Seated spinal twists, forward bends, and lower back soothers help relieve spinal compression and bloated-ness. Reclining hip and spinal soothers earth the energy down to ground you so you release and receive guidance through this powerful monthly rite of passage . A brief prayer of appreciation closes the sequence down, and makes you relish your Ying power of being a woman, and a herald of the Moon.

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