Yoga for neck pain relief: In The Zone (open level)

Although it is primarily intended to stretch the neck and release tension build up in the cervical spine, this Yogea sequence benefits the rear body half, as it facilitates deep stretching and massage of the sides of the waste and an energetic opening of the throat, heart and solar plexus centers. The sequence starts with targeted neck-opening breathing exercises and emphasizes spinal elongation and pelvic alignment. Standing poses introduced in the warm up and coupled with modified Sun Salutes incorporate a variety of head pulls, rolls and twists. The fontanel and the sides of the skull are also stimulated through semi-inversions, as self massage of the neck is performed. Core toners, meridian crossings and spinal bound twists pair with hip openers and deep squats to energetically unblock any tension residing in the mutually inclusive ball and socket joints of the hips and shoulders. A modified and supported headstand followed by the logical counter posing of plow, shoulder stand and fish pose wind the body and mind down, opening a portal of awareness that transports the practitioner into the “zone”.

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  1. Marina February 15, 2015 at 7:34 pm #

    Truly relieving for the neck and upper back. Thank you!

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