Yoga for Joints’ Health: Folding Canvas (open level)

This Yogea routine targets all the joints in the body equally and integrates Qi-Gong kinetic meditation and warm up practices with yoga asana. It starts standing to promote a strong sense of center and prepare the main joints for action. Standing, sitting, kneeling and reclining circular movements of the joints boost the production of synovial fluid, while lunges and standing poses build strength and flexibility, while stretching and cushioning the joints with connective tissue. A series of forward and back bends, twists and semi-reclining poses tone the muscles and expand the mobility range to facilitate proper articulation of the ball & socket, and hinge joints. Soothing forward bends and hip openers alternate with shoulder and neck stretches to bring an overall sense of freedom of motion and imagination. The sequence ends with creative visualization cultivating a quality of buoyancy and freeing up space for purposeful action.

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