Yoga for Flexible Body and Mind: Horizonal Leap (intermediate level)

Designed and inspired by Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Alexandra Kramerova

This Yogea sequence is especially designed to cultivate flexibility of mind and lucidity of body in an effort to help you stretch your horizons and transcend your individual limitations. The routine kicks off with a special breathing practice intended to cleanse your aura, and detoxify the main filter organs through dynamic twists, and deep abdominal breathing. A gentle warm up stretches the neck muscles, awakens the spine and tones the core to harness the energy of suppleness and strength. Further stretching of the hamstrings, hips and shoulders, alternates with heart-opening reclining and kneeling backbends. The routine slowly builds up balance, flexibility and mental resilience by introducing, standing poses, deep hamstring stretches, paired with hip openers and seated spinal twists. An invigorating sequence of externally rotated standing and balancing poses brings stability and courage to take a leap forward and forge new horizons. The winding down calms, purifies and anchors with seated hip and hamstring openers and detoxifying twists. A soothing closure decompresses the spine, while massaging the hips and cradling the body into its essence. An inspiring creative visualization helps discover one’s vastness and expand one’s awareness by stretching one’s horizons.

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