Yoga for Flexibility: Bendy Body Nimble Mind (open level)


This Yoga routine for flexibility introduces compound stretching and meridian crossing to “elastify” composite muscle groups, ligaments and tendons simultaneously. From a kneeling position the sequence bursts into bicycle lunges and cobra slithers to warm up the legs and spine. Binds, twists and spirals in low lunges open up multiple muscle groups and tendons – hamstrings, Achilles, hips, IT bands, gluteus, psoas and limber up the base. A series of standing poses coupled with shoulder binds and deltoid pulls strengthen the legs while opening up the upper arms, rotator cuffs and shoulder blades. A cascade of seated twists and forward bends stretch the longest ligaments and decompress the spine. Reclining hip openers and quad stretches sooth tight buttocks and thighs and a final cone sprawl trains practitioners to stretch the hamstrings from the hip flexors while elongating the lower back and the sides of the waist. A brief affirmation reminds you how physical flexibility leads to mental acuity.

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